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Geisler Farms is passionate about pumpkins. Nothing says fall like a sea of orange pumpkins on a green lawn. Our pumpkin patch is conveniently located next to the parking lot on the west side of the barn. Pumpkins are sold on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no admission charged to visit the pumpkins. We do not have a wagon ride to our pumpkins.

During the week, we harvest pumpkins from our 20-acre field and move them to our patch.  You have the option of picking your own pumpkin in our one-acre you-pick patch. During the peak in October, there are thousands of pumpkins to select from.

You may borrow one of our yellow wagons and select the perfect jack o’lanterns. Before you complete your purchase, there are other fall decorations to select from including straw, heirloom pumpkins, squash and mini pumpkins. We have a pay station at the barn. We accept cash, credit and debit cards.

Pumpkin and outdoor decoration prices*
*Prices are subject to change.

Jack O'Lanterns = $7 each

The following items are sold by the piece.
Heirloom (white, blue, and cheese) = $4.00
Pie Pumpkin = $2.00
Gourds = $1.00
Mini Pumpkin = $1.00
Straw Bale, full sized = $6.00
Indian Ear of Corn = $1.00
Butternut Squash = $2.00
Watermelon = $5.00
Bag of 10 ears of corn for squirrels = $2.00
Corn Shocks = Not available in 2020


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