Landon's Journey

Landon's Journey


A Bondurant mom shares the story of her son's journey with childhood cancer

Landon’s Journey

By Suzanne Friedrickson, his Mom

Landon was just 4 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage 4, high-risk neuroblastoma cancer. His treatment plan included many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, two abdominal surgeries, a stem cell transplant and antibody therapy.

Through it all, Landon (for the most part) was a happy little boy. Landon was cancer free for about 6 months and then he relapsed. He went through more toxic treatments and had to go out-of-state to receive many of them (Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri). He was such a trooper! He even participated in holistic treatments that we feel extended his life, without much fuss!

When he was well enough, he enjoyed going to school, building Lego sets, playing baseball, jumping on trampoline, playing the Wii, playing games on his Ipad, or hanging out with his older sisters. He was loved and supported so much by the Bondurant Community, the Bondurant School System, our church family, friends and our whole family.

Sadly, Landon passed away on April 13, 2016, just 8 weeks after his 8th birthday.

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On Sunday, October 2, 2016, the Bondurant Recreational Sports Complex dedicated “LANDON’S FIELD,” in honor of Landon Friedrickson. Landon enjoyed playing in two seasons of Tee Wee and Pee Wee baseball at the complex.

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