Iowa Farm Facts

Iowa Farm Facts


Stats and Facts on Iowa Agriculture, 2016 edition.

In 2015, Iowa led the nation in the production of corn, soybeans, pork and eggs.

Iowa has 87,500 farms. Land in farms covers 30.5 million acres.

Iowa raised more than 2.5 billion bushels of corn in 2015, or 18 percent of the total U.S. corn crop of 13.6 billion bushels. 
Iowa raised 553.7 million bushels of soybeans in 2015, or 7 percent of the nation’s 3.93 billion bushels in 2015.

Iowa has more than 6 hogs for every person in the state. There are nearly 21 million hogs being raised in Iowa. In 2015, more than 31 million hogs were marketed in Iowa.

A hen lays an average of 274 eggs per year. In 2015, Iowa’s egg producers had 45 million layers producing 12 billion eggs.

Iowa is ranked second in the nation in red meat production. Iowa ranks fourth in the United States for cattle on feed. As of January 2016, Iowa had 1.23 million cattle on feed.

There was an average of 211,000 milk cows on Iowa farms during 2015. Iowa is the 12th largest milk producing state. Iowa dairy farms produce more than 562 million gallons of milk annually.

Iowa ranked 10th in the United States for the number of sheep and lambs on farms. As of January 2016, Iowa had 175,000 sheep and lambs.

Iowa ranked third in the nation for milk goats. As of January 2016, Iowa had 33,000 milk goats.

Iowa ranked eighth in the United States for young turkeys marketed with 11.6 million turkeys in 2015.

Iowa’s 41 ethanol plants have a combined annual capacity of 3.9 billion gallons of ethanol annually, more per year than any other state. Iowa produces nearly 25 percent of the nation’s ethanol.

Iowa’s total cash receipts for farm commodities in 2014 totaled $35 billion – the second highest in the United States.

Iowa’s total agricultural exports for calendar year 2014 were valued at $11.3 billion, ranking Iowa second in the nation in agricultural exports following California.

Information sources: National Agricultural Statistics Service, Economic Research Service, the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Midwest Dairy Association.

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